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FantasyLiterature has teamed up with Authors-of-Fantasy to promote our favourite genre. If you have an original fantasy or science fiction storyline in your gallery, make sure you join!


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Fantasy Literature Forum

We are very lucky to have an entire forum just for Fantasy literature. Make sure you check it out and join in on the discussions, and feel free to start your own! You can find the Fantasy Literature Forum here.



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Short Stories
Flash Fiction and Vignettes
Introductions, Prologues and Beginnings
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Random from Favourites

Hey everyone I am posting the guidelines again for submissions for this group. Also there has been a heavy influx of fanfiction submissions. What is currently in the group, I am going to let you guys finish the story for that one, but fanfiction is not accepted. This group was made for the original work of people (as mean as that makes me sound). Any new fanfiction submissions will not be accepted. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

:bulletpurple: You must be a member of FantasyLiterature
This one's pretty obvious, but it has to be said. If you're not currently a member, please read the Join page before joining the group.

:bulletpurple: Place your submissions in the correct folder
Any submissions that are not placed in the correct folder will not be accepted. If you're unsure about where your deviation should go, please send a message to the group BEFORE submitting.

:bulletpurple: Your story must clearly be of the fantasy genre
If I have a look through your story and don't find any fantasy elements in it, there is a chance that it won't be accepted. Some exceptions will be made (particularly with introductions and first chapters, as the fantasy elements may not appear immediately), but these will be at my own discretion.

:bulletpurple: Grammar, punctuation etc.
One thing that might prevent your story from being accepted is the quality of the piece. This does not include content, but it does include proper use of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and an easy to read layout. Of course, we're not all perfect, so some minor errors will be overlooked, but if the piece is full of them, it might not be accepted. I want stories to be easy to understand so people can enjoy reading them. If you're not sure whether your story would be accepted, please send a note to the group BEFORE submitting.

:bulletpurple: Submission limit
All folders, excluding the Chapters folder, have a limit of two submissions per month. This is to make sure that you only submit your best work.
The Chapters folder has a limit of two submissions per week.

:bulletpurple: Concerning mature content
Mature content will be accepted, as long as the Mature Content Filter is being used. If a story contains mature content but does not have the Mature Content Filter in place, it will be rejected. However, anything deemed to be too mature will not be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to: excessive violence/blood/gore, sexual explicit content and anything inappropriate, explicit or otherwise. Any deviation filtered as Strict Mature Content will be automatically declined, as it will be assumed that the deviation is too mature.

:bulletpurple: Concerning Introductions & Chapters Folders UPDATED
Only the first part of your story (whether it be an introduction, prologue or first chapter) will be accepted into the Introductions, Prologues and Beginnings folder. All other chapters must be submitted to the Chapters folder. However, subsequent chapters will only be accepted if the first part of the story is in the Introductions, Prologues and Beginnings folder. Also, we would appreciate it if you submit your chapters in order, so that people can receive them in order in their Message Centers, which makes reading them in order easier.
One last thing: if you're deviation isn't a continuation of the story, but just a small scene or flash fiction in the world of your novel, please submit it to either the Short Stories or the Flash Fiction and Vignettes folder.

:bulletpurple: Concerning Deviations in Storage :new:
Any deviations in storage will be automatically deleted from the gallery as soon as they are discovered. There's no point in having it in the group gallery if no one can read it.

:bulletpurple: Downloads
If your deviation has to be downloaded to be read (for example, writing you've placed on a large image), it won't be accepted. Some people do have slow Internet connections, and they may not be able to download your deviation, or it may take a very long time. PDF files may be an exception, but this will be on a case-by-case basis and at my own discretion.

:bulletpurple: Stories in languages other than English will not be accepted Updated
I only speak English, so unfortunately, I'm not able to read stories in other languages. This means that I can't accept them to the gallery because I have no idea what's written in them. However, an exception may be made to your story if it includes a COMPLETE English translation.

:bulletpurple: Poetry, fan fiction and non-fiction are NOT ACCEPTED
Pretty much speaks for itself.
We will also not be accepting Flash deviations, or deviations that are not categorised as Literature (unless the story/profile etc is actually written on the image).
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8 deviants said Dark Fantasy
6 deviants said High Fantasy
6 deviants said Steampunk Fantasy
6 deviants said Swords and Sorcery
5 deviants said Low Fantasy
4 deviants said Mythical Fantasy
3 deviants said Coming of Age
2 deviants said Heroic Fantasy
No deviants said Military Fantasy
No deviants said Celtic Fantasy


Welcome to FantasyLiterature
FantasyLiterature is a group devoted to the fantasy genre. We not only showcase fantasy literature, we also strive to help writers improve and create new and exciting stories.

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Want to affiliate?

Your group/club must be either a literature group, a group that focuses on the fantasy genre, whether it be literature or art (this includes groups that focus on more than one genre, but it does not include fan fiction/art groups), or a group that offers critiques for literature. Also, your group must be at least one month old and look somewhat active.


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CamTheWriter Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I know that this is going to sound silly, but I'm actually looking for someone to be my beta for a story that I'm trying to write before I start posting it. I would be completely willing to be a beta for them in return if that helps, but I don't know where to ask around to get one :/ Anything to suggest?
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Alfheim-Productions Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Student Writer
Are you guys still active? Because I'm interested in joining, but no point if you aren't active and last comment was made in 2014 with no reply and last journal entry is 2 years old x.x
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SalamiSandwitch Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, I would like to join, but before I do, I have a question: are there any kind if limits of any kind? Like a certain number of submissions we can make per day, week, etc.?
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KittyNocturna Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My book is published at last! The Raven's War by Patricia LeAne Owens, published by Dark Oaks Press. It's available on their website,, and Barnes and Nobles.
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